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5 Things You Should Know About the Gelato Cake Marijuana
12 months ago



Don't be fooled by its name; the Gelato Cake marijuana strain from White Label Seeds isn't Gelato in the traditional sense of the word but an Indica dominant hybrid (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) with high THC levels and a CBD content of less than 1%. You may want to learn more about this exciting strain. Here are five things you should know about it.


What Is This Gelato Cake Thing?

Gelato Cake is not only a variety of cannabis strains but also a delicacy in Italy. When marijuana is harvested for consumption, it usually has THC levels between 15-25% and CBD levels around 1%. 


However, there is a marijuana strain called Gelato with THC levels ranging from 20-28%, with CBD levels less than 1%. This indica dominant hybrid (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) strain provides users with calming and relaxing effects for up to two hours, depending on your consumption method.


What Does it Look Like?

The buds of Gelato Cake are dense and light green with a fine layer of white crystal trichomes covering them, giving it a frosty look that is similar to other high-quality indicas. The buds have an earthy smell with some sweetness. 


You'll experience a relaxing cerebral high that can put you in a dreamlike state when smoked or vaporized. The aftertaste is sweet and slightly fruity, leaving you feeling mellow for hours.


What Does it Smell and Taste Like?

This white cake strain is said to smell like sweet, skunky musk with a taste of lime-tangerine ice cream. Some patients even say that it tastes similar to cherry bubblegum. The smell and taste are relatively mild and shouldn't overpower or get in your way. 


If you don't have any strong feelings about smoking, then smoking some flowers is always a good time and should be no different for you than any other form of marijuana consumption.


How Potent is it?

Most users report that a single hit of Gelato cake is enough to get them as high as they want to be. It's not one of those Potent strains where you need to smoke an entire joint to feel any effect. The first time I smoked it, one bowl was enough for my husband and me. He said he wanted another bowl after smoking just once!


Genetics, Indica/Sativa Distribution & Terpenes

The gelato cake strain is an Indica dominant hybrid from an unknown Indica strain and an unknown Sativa strain. This particular strain features a high concentration of indica genes with only 25% Sativa genes in its genetic profile.


 The result produces a powerful experience, making it one of those rare strains that give users high THC levels and muscle-relaxing CBD levels. The flavor and aroma profiles are mostly kept secret. Still, most consumers describe gelato cakes as having sweet flavors, smelling like bubblegum or candy, and is coated in a milky white frosting.


 Whether you're looking for a potent nighttime medication or an energizing daytime medication, these effects give you everything you need to thc relieve your pain without leaving you feeling couch-locked.


What is Terpenes?

All cannabis strains contain aromatic compounds called terpenes. They can be smelled when you burn a bud of any song and determine what experience that bud will provide users. Skunk and Diesel strains often contain strong notes of terpenes such as limonene, linalool, and pinene.


 Fragrant plants like lemon trees, lavender fields, and eucalyptus groves are found in nature. Other terpenes commonly found in cannabis include myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene, and beta-caryophyllene.


How Genetics is it?

In recent years, high-CBD strains have taken over. Yet, CBD isn't typically a guarantee of good genetics. Some breeders claim that higher CBD levels may reflect a shortage of other cannabinoids, which would limit its effectiveness as an actual treatment for anything but anxiety or sleep disorders.


 Instead of looking at CBD content alone, it's essential to research the strain and consider factors like terpene and cannabinoid ratios to determine its efficacy in treating your condition. For example, you might consider pairing Gelato with Indica with high THC levels (rather than pure sativas) or seek out other white cake strains with different cannabinoid profiles, such as Voodoo or Ice Cream Diesel.


Best Things You Should Know About the Gelato Cake

  • 1 The Gelato cake strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid [75% Indica / 25% sativa] marijuana strain with high THC levels and a CBD content of less than 1%. This famous Indica dominant hybrid offers a euphoric experience that calms your body.


  •  While it's certainly not for those new to smoking weed, you should try it if you want to feel relaxed yet active. And while Indica strains are best known for their physical effects, it's important to note that there is also some uplifting cerebral stimulation in store for the Gelato cake strain fans.


How is it Gelato Cake?

The highest quality marijuana strains tend to have a lot of genetic diversity. They aren't just a mix of two or three different strains; they're often made up of dozens of different types of cannabis, which gives them their distinctive smell and taste.


 But when it comes to indicas, sativas, and hybrids? Even experienced smokers can feel confused about how different strains stack up against each other—and why some are better for certain staivas occasions than others. 


The following facts should help answer those questions and clarify whether indicas or sativas are best for you, whether high-THC weed is your thing, or if you want something with more CBD.



For those looking for a tasty, white cake strain with high THC levels and a strong CBD profile, it doesn't get much better than San Fernando Valley OG. She's an Indica dominant hybrid, so patients can expect to feel both energetic and sleepy, depending on their dosage. 


While she may not be as potent as some of her high-THC cousins, OG Kush or Super Sour Diesel (both pure sativas), she is known for producing significant medical effects that have helped patients treat chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. If you experience OG's mother or her father White Fire Alien Kush by Diamond Valley Organics, know that your buds will smell very fruity.


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