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7 Best Packaging Design Tips for Cannabis Marketers
about 1 year ago



When it comes to marketing your product, how you package your items can make or break your business. The packaging is the first impression your buyers get from your things, such as Cannabis. It's your first meeting with the customers. 


 Here are some packaging design tips for cannabis marketers to make their unique branding more memorable among the competition and provide an excellent first impression to their potential customers.


1) Stick to Black and White

According to the FDA, companies cannot use color to highlight any nutrition facts about food. Therefore, black and white images stand out from their colored counterparts as clearly as possible.


 If you want to include a little bit of color in your label design, be sure that it is used only for accents and not crucial information like serving size or ingredients. You should also ensure that any bright colors are set off from dark backgrounds, so they are easily readable.


2) Don't Go Crazy With Graphics

We've said it before, and we'll repeat it: Your packaging needs to catch a customer's eye, but that doesn't mean Cannabis. You need an elaborate graphic design.


 At most, your logo should be simple enough to fit on a single line (or maybe two). They don't need to know about your awards or certifications—that information belongs in other places on your packaging. 


Instead, go with something that will display what you offer about its competitors. You might want to consider using multiple colors—but make sure they help differentiate one product from another while also keeping them accessible to shoppers' eyes.


3) Innovate On The Basics

Since they were invented, there have been some pretty crazy ways to package and present Cannabis. But with pot becoming legal in more states and Canada, it's time to tone down on crazy packaging and start focusing on good ol' basics. 


These include: Paper is better than plastic! If you're buying a small amount of product, paper bags are much easier to handle and often provide a better experience than plastic bags because they aren't slippery. 


Plastic can tear during loading or unloading of items onto shelves; at that point, your buyer will be done with your product and will probably never purchase from you again. Cans are better than bottles!


4) Attract Attention Wherever Possible

You might want to consider an eye-catching color to make your cannabis products stand out, like black or red. It's not a good idea for Cannabis to use text on your packages unless it is essential information like a brand name and logo or other vital information that can be read easily at first glance.


 Make sure there is enough space between different pieces of information on your packaging design so that they don't blur together or appear overcrowded. The clearer everything looks, the better chance you will stand out in a crowded marketplace.


5) Use Clear Labels

Make sure your product's label is easy to read and understand. Use a precise title that will allow your customers to easily see what strain they are purchasing, its THC levels, and how it makes them feel. Be sure you include all of these details on your packaging, so there are no surprises.


 You want your customers to know precisely what they are buying before making their purchase. Also, consider using clear packaging that allows customers to see and feel everything in the package without opening it up.


 These steps will help Cannabis attract more potential buyers and stand out among similar cannabis products on store shelves.


6) Keep Your Customers In Mind

Likely, many of your new customers aren't familiar with Cannabis, so it's important to include clear directions and warnings on your packaging. For example, have you ever purchased Cannabis, a product that needed refrigeration?


 If not, you probably didn't know how to handle it properly. And who wants damaged goods? Be mindful of issues like these and ensure that people can use your products as they were intended while also keeping them away from children.


 Because Cannabis is still federally illegal in most states, including Colorado and Washington, where it's already legal, additional issues are to consider.


7) Follow Legal Requirements

Before even thinking about packaging design, you need to make sure your product is compliant with all federal and state laws. If it isn't, your goal of finding great packaging becomes moot.


 Make sure you understand precisely what is required and then work with a company that has experience designing products around legal guidelines. For example, in California—where recreational marijuana was recently legalized—retailers can only sell pre-packaged products in packages that display only one gram or less of weed per package.


Elevate the Cannabis Product's Effects and Experience

A consumer can learn all they want about a specific cannabis product on your packaging, but how your products make them feel makes it worth opening. Craft your branding and packaging in a way that connects on an emotional level with customers. 


If you offer consumers an overall feeling of calm or excitement, they'll associate these feelings with using your product and be more likely to buy again. The same goes for specific effects like sleepiness or pain relief; clearly state what kinds of relief each cannabis product offers.


Keep Kids Safe

  • Several fun, new products are available for Cannabis, including pot-infused sodas and cookies. It's essential to keep these edibles out of reach of children—preferably in a locked cupboard or safe. 


  • You can also make your marijuana-laced treats, such as candy or cookies, by following these recipes from Leafly. If you have children at home, it's essential to follow proper dosage recommendations, so you don't end up with unplanned visits from Child Protective Services—which has happened in some states where weed is legal.


  •  How much to a dose based on age: Adults 21+: One edible serving per experience level. For example, someone who never uses Cannabis might take 10 mg.


Don't think of Cannabis as an exotic category: consumer behavior is still in play

packaging works best when it communicates quality, benefits, and value. That's because they don't need to sell much more than that. And if you're in cannabis marketing, there are a few easy ways to put yourself at an advantage right off the bat: in your packaging.


However, before we dive into specific examples of packaging design inspiration, let's first break down what makes great cannabis packaging stand out. Here are seven simple tips for crafting a compelling cannabis brand image with your packages.



First of all, Cannabis, you should have a clear sense of what your audience wants from your packaging design. Several factors need to be considered, including gender, age, hobbies, and preferences. 


For example, if you're going to attract female consumers (and men who love Cannabis), you'll need a unique design with certain character traits that will appeal to women (and men) alike. You can ask customers what they would like in their cannabis product packaging or use another method to determine how it looks and feels.


 Remember, your target market is at least twice as important as any other choice when choosing appropriate packaging designs. It's also important to consider how a package will be received by social media influencers and authority figures in your niche.


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