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All About Lemon Cherry Weed
12 months ago


What is your favorite type of weed? What's your favorite kind of cake? Is it lemon or cherry? If you like both, then this strain should be on your bucket list! The Lemon Cherry Weed strain combines the best traits of these two tasty treats into one unique and flavorful flower that will indeed have you coming back for more.


The parent strains

Before jumping into a review of Lemon Cherry Weed, it's essential to acknowledge its parents. Lemon Kush and Blueberry are two strains used to create Lemon Cherry Weed. 


These parent strains have grown immensely in popularity over recent years, so there is likely plenty of information on each one. Look up Lemon Kush and Blueberry.



  • Lemon-Cherry weed has many mood-enhancing effects due to its terpene profile. It can relieve anxiety and stress by lowering cortisol levels. By stimulating dopamine receptors in our brain, Lemon-Cherry weed improves motivation and provides a sense of tranquility.


  •  It also increases serotonin levels, reducing appetite and giving you an overall sense of well-being. This weed strain can help you get rid of symptoms caused by depression, ADHD, PTSD, or other mental disorders.


  •  The cerebral high makes it easy to interact with people and provides that happy atmosphere at any party or social gathering. In addition to all these benefits, Lemon-Cherry weed is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can cure arthritis or migraines in some patients.



Lemon and cherry tend to dominate when it comes to aroma. The citrusy lemon is followed by a floral burst of cherry, which lingers on your nose until you exhale. Lemon Cherry weed strain looks like any regular Kush bud with pale green leaves dotted with orange hairs and dark purple calyxes. 


Another great thing about its effects is that it does not make you feel lethargic after smoking. You'll remain relaxed but still functional and motivated to do stuff around the house or get out for a walk in nature!



According to Sensi Seeds, Lemon Skunk is a cross between two iconic strains: Lemon Larry and Blueberry. It carries a potent lemon aroma but with skunky undertones. The strain's high is ideal for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or pain as it provides substantial mood elevation with clear-headed effects.


 Those looking for energetic Sativa benefits might want to look elsewhere; although Lemon Skunk does offer some cerebral energy and creativity, it's not meant for daytime use. Instead, use it as a nightcap to relieve stress or insomnia before bedtime.



Lemon Cherry Weed is also known as Lemon Skunk. Its genetics include Lemon G and Sour Diesel. This strain comes from Big Buddha Seeds, in case you're wondering who created it and what to expect of their other strains. 


Suppose you have information about that and want to share it with us (so we can ring at (866) 420-1136. Lemon Skunk needs to be grown indoors in an organic growing medium like coco coir or hessian sacks to maintain its lineage.


 The flowering time for Lemon Skunk is nine weeks, which means that you'll need around two months of patience before your harvest date arrives.


Growing conditions

  1. Lemon Cherry Weed is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. A cross between Cherry Pie and Lemon Kush has a THC level of 20% with a low CBD content of less than 1%. The leaves are dark green with thick orange hairs and long bright red pistils.
  2.  The flowering time for each plant can vary from as little as seven weeks to as much as ten weeks, depending on environmental conditions; however, it is said that faster-maturing plants produce better yields. 
  3. This strain does very well indoors or out in soil or hydro systems in warm climates and will often reach over 4 feet when grown in hydroponic systems.
  4.  It also responds well to clones and should continue growing even after moving into vegetative growth cycles under high-intensity lighting conditions.


Strain FAQs

Cherry Lemon Cake Weed is a potent strain and has an even more robust taste. The terpene profile and aroma are full of cherry, lemon, and other citrus notes, which would be expected from a marijuana strain named Cherry Lemon Cake. 


But that doesn't mean it tastes like a cherry, lemon, or cake! It tastes very earthy with herbaceous undertones – unlike any flavor or smells you've ever encountered before. As for effects, Cherry Lemon Cake has high THC levels of about 22% on average.


 Marijuana is used recreationally and medicinally for its potent effects on stress, depression, and pain relief. One hit will usually do it!



Four months after writing and publishing your report, you're now prepared to file your results. Of course, as a science nerd, you've kept detailed records of your test subjects and their responses to lemon cherry weed throughout.


 You even have field notes detailing growing preferences and how best to harvest each plant. Now is when all that work pays off. First thing: double-check that your findings align with facts about lemon cherry weed (you know there was some pretty fascinating stuff published by Harvard scientists just last month). 

Once that's done, you need to figure out who should see your results and how many people.


Sources & further reading

Unless otherwise cited or linked, all material has been taken from nlm.nih.gov; the National Library of Medicine, and Google images (images must be credited). 


These sources are not medical advice and are only suggestions for further reading; please speak with a medical professional before altering your diet.


Lemon Cherry Gelato Cannatique

As you might expect, Gelato weed tastes just like its namesake: sweet, lemony, and creamy. It's one of those strains that are so sweet and smooth that you don't need to smoke it for long before getting high. The only problem with Gelato weed is that it doesn't have powerful effects—so if you're looking for some couch-lock time or even just a lot of pain relief, look elsewhere. 


But if you want something to clear your head while still enjoying a relaxing high at home, pick up some Lemon Cherry Gelato!


Lemon Cherry Gushers

While we prefer flowers over extracts, cherry weed strains do a great job of cutting edge flavors that can't be produced by smoking. 


Although not all concentrates are equal, we can always count on fruity strains to mask herbal/chemical notes and boost our flavor. Our go-to is lemon cherry gelato weed. Its unique lemony taste adds a refreshing twist to your average strain rotation, and its classic indica effects won't leave you high for days on end (so it fits easily into any schedule). 


If you want something more extreme, try cherry lemon cake weed instead.


Lemon Cherry Gelato Seeds

Lemon Cherry Gelato was created by hybridizing Strawberry Bubblegum and Tahoe OG, and it won first place in a 2014 cannabis competition. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a tangy lemon/cherry aroma with a hint of earthiness.


 The smooth gelato smoke delivers earthy, citrus flavors before finishing with sweet cherry notes. Grown indoors, Lemon Cherry Gelato tops out about 6 feet tall, but outdoor plants can reach over 10 feet. 


Patients love her for her ability to ease stress and depression without leaving you stuck on the couch; however, she can also help increase appetite when used in moderation during chemotherapy or other treatments.


Lemon Cherry Gelato Price

Starting at $10 per gram, it costs roughly twice as much as many other strains. If you like sweet-tasting cannabis, you'll love Lemon Cherry Gelato. This strain is renowned for its flavor, with sweet notes of lemon and cherry. 

The strain also smells strongly of both of these flavors when ground up or smoked in a joint or bong.


Cherry Gelato

This strain has a refreshingly sweet and earthy aroma filled with scents of cherry and lemon. If you are looking for a Cherry Gelato great daytime medicine, Cherry Gelato is just what you need to beat fatigue or stress. 


This strain will cause consumers to feel creative and inspired throughout their day. It can help make chores around the house seem fun and easy to tackle so that you don't have any energy left for dealing with negative emotions.

 Cherries taste like candy – but fortunately, Cherry Gelato won't leave consumers feeling like they've been sucking on lollipops all day long!


Cherry Gelato strain

The Cherry Gelato strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred by TGA Subcool Seeds and won third place in Colorado's 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup. This strain is a cross between Agent Orange and Chem Dog, favorites among enthusiasts who prefer to get high.


 As you might expect from two of such renowned lineage, Cherry Gelato weed has high THC levels, with tests coming back between 16% and 20%. For many people, just one hit will cause you to get high—so much so that some users recommend taking it easy on your first time out with this strain.


Lemon Gelato Strain

The name alone should explain why we're obsessed with Lemon Gelato weed. As a high-CBD hybrid, there aren't many strains as flavorful or fast-acting. Patients describe its effects as uplifting and euphoric while having enough THC to create a body high (an indica characteristic). If you haven't tried it, get some Gelato Cherry weed today!



Final Thoughts on Lemon Cherry Weed Strain: Be sure always to be mindful of product quality, as it can make or break your experience. The right strain and knowledge can give you a smooth and enjoyable experience, while cheaper options and ignorance can leave a sour taste in your mouth. 


Use only reputable sources and ask plenty of questions when looking for products—and that's a lesson beyond just weed. How do you like hemp seeds?


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