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Animal Mints- A Hybrid Strain of Animal Cookies Information
12 months ago



  Animal Mints produce a strong body and head high, making them ideal for after work and evening use. This strain features a sweet and spicy mint aroma on the exhale. Growers say that Animal Mints have bright green and brown buds with just a layer of frost.


 Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with stress. Animal Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain obtained by crossing Animal Cookies with SinMint Cookies. Animal Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain obtained by crossing Animal Cookies with Chocolate Cookies.


Animal Mints

Despite their similar names, Animal Mints have very little in common with animal cookies. Although both strains have a minty aroma, animal mints are much more balanced in terms of effects—the head high is smoother while still providing a euphoric body buzz.


 If you're looking for an Indica dominant strain that works well as an after-work or evening medicine, try Animal Mints.


An Overview

The Animal Mints strain is a hybrid cross between Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies, bred by Columbia Care. Animal Mints produce a strong body high and mild cerebral effects, making them ideal for evening use. These marijuana buds have little to no CBD content but are loaded with THCV. 


Animal Mints has a sweet aroma on exhale; its taste is minty. Because of its THCV content, smoke from these marijuana buds comes on more quickly than average. Because it's so strong, animal mints can be hard to control for new users; experienced consumers. 


Valuable Facts About Animal Mints

Although many people like to smoke marijuana, using edible items such as candies is also common. Animal mints are commonly used in mint forms, such as chocolate bars, sticks, or powders.


 Since animal mints tend to be quite effective at relieving stress and depression, people who don't enjoy smoking pot often purchase animal mints for recreational purposes. The name animal mint likely came from eating sweet treats that contain higher levels of cannabinoids in them which affect your mood (aka the munchies). 


This can lead to an increased desire for food, similar to how animals crave food when they're high because animals also have cannabinoid receptors in their brains that allow them to feel pleasure and other emotions.


Where to Buy Animal Mints Online?

In most states, if you're looking to buy marijuana legally, you won't be able to do so online. Cannabis is legal for medical purposes in many forms, but it's still illegal at a federal level. Federal law predominates over state law when they conflict.


States with legalized cannabis need to find a way around interstate commerce rules regarding controlled substances. Most state laws allow dispensaries to sell either medical or recreational marijuana—but not both. 


So each store will take on one persona for tax purposes: They might be considered an agency shop, which means sales are tax-free, or they could be designated as retail stores, like any other company that sells products in your area.


How Much Does Animal Mint Cost?

Animal Mint is a relatively rare strain, though that doesn't mean it's not a viable option for those looking to use marijuana medicinally. Many medical dispensaries currently stock Animal Mint, but pricing varies significantly between locations.


 At one dispensary in New York City, a bag of Animal Mint goes for $15, while in Columbia, South Carolina, prices start at just $6 per gram. In states where medicinal marijuana isn't legal yet, prices are typically higher due to high demand.


 At MedMen in Los Angeles--where recreational marijuana use is legal—Animal mint costs $12 per gram.


To Conclude

When you're in the mood for a happy, relaxing high, Animal Mints may be for you. This is great for those who don't want to leave their couch between doses but still desire an elevated mood. You should know how much weight you can handle while using Animal Mints, as they may increase anxiety if taken in excess amounts. Take small doses throughout your day to maximize the effects!


Columbia cares about Animal Mints.

This is a hybrid marijuana strain obtained by crossing Animal Cookies with SinMint Cookies. Columbia Care Animal Mints produce a strong body and head high, making them ideal for after work and evening use. This strain features a spicy, sweet aroma minty on the exhale.


 Growers say Columbia Care Animal Mints has broad leaves that are sometimes different shades of green, creating a layered effect. This plant performs best indoors with 13 hours of light per day in soil or hydro systems.


White Animal Mints

You might not know that marijuana is used for more than just smoking! If you are a medical user or even love to bake with edibles, you'll want to find out about White Animal Mints. We've got recipes for baking weed right into your food without changing its flavor. 


There are several other ways to take it orally as well—it comes down to personal preference. For example, using Canna Caps may be better suited for people who don't like to smoke or eat.


Are Animal Mints Good for Pain?

Although not explicitly tested for pain, Animal Mints has a high THC content that is likely to provide relief from some types of pain. By using strains with high levels of CBD, pain patients can minimize some commonly reported side effects associated with cannabis use, such as anxiety or paranoia.


 For example, Cannatonic is a strain with one of the highest CBD to THC ratios. It would likely be a good choice for someone looking for relief from chronic pain without feeling excessively stoned. Look for other strains in Columbia Care's collection specifically bred to treat various symptoms; Animal Flower Power also treats epilepsy and provides users with an uplifting mental effect and physical relaxation.


What Strain is Animal Mint Cake?

Animal Mint Cake is a hybrid marijuana strain obtained by crossing Animal Cookies with SinMint Cookies. Animal Mint Cake produces a strong body and heads high, making them ideal for after work and evening use. This strain features a spicy, sweet aroma minty on the exhale.


 Growers say Animal Mint Cakes has branchy bud structures perfect for harvesting at 550 to 600 watts. Its dense flower formations make Animal Mint Cakes an easy strain to grow from seed to harvest.


What are animal mints crossed with?

Columbian care animal mints are a cross between animal cookies, a hybrid of chocolate chip cookies, and cherry pie, with sinmint cookies, also known as indicas. Animal mints have a pungent odor of peppermint but are sweeter than typical mint strains. 


They also have an enjoyable lemony aftertaste. Recreational users often smoke this strain for its heavy psychoactive effects that allow users to maintain focus when engaging in leisure activities. Animal mints are often used for medicinal purposes due to their CBD content.



With their powerful body high, Animal Mints are an excellent strain for relieving chronic pain and helping patients with insomnia. They're also practical for managing stress, depression, fatigue, migraines, headaches, PMS symptoms, nausea, and anxiety. 


Since they pack such a punch medicinally at 22% THC by weight, you should consume them in small doses throughout your day to avoid losing focus or feeling too sedated. However, it's not uncommon for new users to get overwhelmed with Animal Mints' strong effects right off the bat—so it's essential to have a plan in place if you feel like that might be an issue.






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