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Cookies Seeds team up with Gary Payton to create the Gary
10 months ago


The Cookies Seeds team up with Gary Payton to create the Gary Payton Cookies strain of marijuana. The Gary Payton Cookies strain is produced by Cookies seeds and is named after the NBA Hall of Famer. It’s been called The G P Cookies, which can be read as The G-Spot when abbreviated (this was not intended, however). Gary Payton Cookies strain has been described as having a very potent smell and flavor and vibrant colors, making it ideal for collectors and connoisseurs alike.


Gary Payton’s Strain Of Marijuana Is A Game Changer


Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton and Cookies seeds have come together to produce what they’re calling a game-changer in terms of strains. In a recent interview, both parties said they’re hoping that their partnership helps change marijuana laws by showing people that cannabis isn’t just for getting high but can also be used medicinally.


 The Gary Payton cookies strain is named after one of NBA history’s most famous point guards and his affinity for cookies. It combines two popular genetics from Cookies seeds: Y and Snowman.


Cookies Team Up With Gary Payton


Cookies Seeds teamed up with NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton for a limited edition, a one-of-kind strain named after him. The Gary Payton Cookie strain has THC levels of around 20% and is available through a small group of vendors in Washington State.


 If you love Cookies and NBA basketball, you can’t miss out on these exclusive genetics. Continue reading to learn more about how these great seeds were developed!...


How Gary’s Influence On Basketball Shaped His Advice For Cannabis Brands


Cookie’s founder Nick Walker said: We were keen to work with Gary. We’re big fans of his style, both on and off-court, so when we met him, it was a no-brainer.


 It’s an honor to have somebody as respected as Gary Payton on board, especially when you consider that he is pretty clearly one of Seattle’s favorite sons. We first wanted to come up with a name that captured his whole persona, and we think that ‘Gary Payton Cookies’ does just that.


What Does A Basketball Legend And Best Marijuana In California Have In Common?


There’s nothing more enjoyable than relaxing at home and enjoying a few hits of top-shelf smoke. Fortunately, there are now services that specialize in providing high-quality weed for those who live in California. Cookies seeds specialize in coming up with unique strains of marijuana that deliver a uniquely satisfying experience. 


They’ve teamed up with former NBA player, Gary Payton (hence, the Cookie strain), to provide customers with some of the most potent cannabis available anywhere...


Why Did A Cannabis Seed Company Partner With One Of The Most Notorious NBA Stars?


Cookies Genetics is one of California’s most well-known cannabis seed companies. Cookies have won multiple Cannabis Cups, and it was one of the first three companies allowed to sell recreational cannabis seeds in California after legalization. By partnering with former NBA superstar Gary Payton, Cookies is trying to broaden its brand recognition, boost sales, and get on top of a still-growing market.


 This is big business for Cookies and Payton: A recent report suggests that cannabis will be a $24 billion industry by 2021 it’s brilliant for these two entities to try and stake their claim now before it becomes saturated. Everyone knows about Cheech & Chong—now everyone can be Payton & Cookies.


What Do We Know About Gary Payton LLC?


Since its founding in 2008, Cookies has been breeding and growing some of California’s most popular strains. Our co-founders have long been fans of Gary Payton and have watched him play basketball since they were kids. Even though we’re huge sports fans and are excited about his recent induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, we never dreamed that one day he would agree to become an official partner with Cookies by allowing us to name a new strain after him. 


We don’t know whether he is even a fan of marijuana. Still, his high-quality lifestyle has always appealed to us, so it was an easy decision for us when his agent reached out about a partnership agreement.



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