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How To Make Gelato Using The Cake Strain
12 months ago


CBD Crew's Gelato Cake marijuana strain is one of the most popular hybrid strains today, with good reason. It's an easy-to-grow plant that puts off an incredible aroma when growing and produces a balanced high that's energetic and uplifting yet relaxing enough to relieve tension and pain. Everything you want to know about the Gelato Cake marijuana strain, everything you want to know about this powerful plant.


Origin story

Our budtender told us that the Gelato is a top-shelf strain that produces euphoric and focused effects. It'll get you buzzed but also keep you level. It's named after its trichome formation, similar to a punch cake—with lots of tiny sugar crystals. 


The high hits fast and hard and make me feel like I'm soaring with an angelic choir. One whiff of that citrusy smell lets me know exactly what we're dealing with: This bud tastes like lemon zest mixed with vanilla.


 As someone who loves weed but has only smoked it twice before, I was surprised by how much fun tobacco for the first time in two years was.


Quality bud

Before considering what kind of high a strain might give you, it's essential to check its quality. You can tell if your bud is good or bad, from examining its color and texture to smelling and tasting it.


 The quality of your bud will play a significant role in determining how much you enjoy your high; for example, as we'll discuss later, not all strains are created equal when it comes to euphoria. Just make sure you know what strain you're getting and that it looks, smells, and tastes good before buying—you'll be glad you did!


How long does gelato cake stay fresh?

If you need to store gelato cake long-term, place it in a plastic freezer bag or sealable container and put it in your freezer. Once frozen, gelato cake can be kept for up to two months; however, your best bet is to consume it within four weeks of purchase.


 When stored properly, frozen gelato cake will still maintain its flavor and aroma and can even be thawed quickly when needed. Place it on your countertop at room temperature for several hours before use to soften your bud.


 Remember: never defrost marijuana in warm water or an oven, as doing so could damage your buds' sensitive cannabinoids and terpenes.


Where can I buy gelato cake?

The gelato cake strain is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike other themes, it comes from two different songs and not one. That's what has given birth to its name: a combination of two strains of ice cream, Italian ice cream, and marijuana from California.


 Thanks to these characteristics, it has become a favorite among growers and a must-have for weed connoisseurs. Can you buy gelato cake in your area? Could you take a look at our list below?


What other names is the gelato cake strain known by?

GSC (genetics) and 1818 (phenotype) are two common names for the gelato cake strain. Other nicknames include girl scout cookie, punch Bowls, and pug-nose. This strain is often confused with themes such as The White, Super Lemon Haze, GSC, Pure Kush, Zkittlez, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Thin Mints, and Lemon Scented Kush. These strains are different phenotypes of OG Kush cross-pollinated with Durban Poison.


How should I store my gelato cake?

The gelato cake is an Indica dominant hybrid, so it is most famous for its ability to provide a whole body and head high. It does have somewhat of a sedative effect, but it has also been known to give patients relief from pain, stress, depression, and insomnia. Keep your fresh bud in an airtight container in a cool dark place. This will help preserve freshness and keep mold from growing on your buds. When smoking dry buds, remember that you want to crush them up into as small pieces as possible before smoking or vaping. This will ensure that every hit is as potent as possible and quickly absorbed into your system.


How much will a bag of gelato cake cost me?

We believe that your gelato cake cost should always know how much a strain will cost you before buying it. We created The Marijuana Price Calculator, a simple tool that helps you estimate how much a bag of weed will cost you based on your location and preferred dispensary.


 Put in your zip code, select your preferred dispensary, and scroll down for results. Pretty handy! The Marijuana Price Calculator: How Much Will a Bag of Weed Cost Me?


What do users say about gelato cake?

There is a punch cake strain and a cross between famed genetics like Cinderella 99, Tangie, and Neville's haze. The restaurant has an 8.4 out of 10 rating on Leafly, with users pointing out its consistency is on par with its reputation as one of California's finest.


 Since its appearance in 2016, it has been a favorite among vape shops and medical marijuana dispensaries alike—which isn't surprising given how easy it is to use. Just a few hits can cause you to forget everything else that may be stressing you out right now.


Any precautions I should be gelato cake aware of before trying gelato cake?

Ingesting marijuana edibles can be an unpredictable experience. If you're just getting started, it's good to eat your first dose on an evening when you have nothing going on and no plans. 


That way, if things don't go as planned, at least you won't feel too bad about ruining your night. If possible, try a small dose (one piece of cake) at first; if it doesn't work out for you or takes longer than expected to kick in, you'll still have some pot leftover for later.


 It's also important to remember that being high will hit you differently than smoking does—and therefore, your dosing needs may differ.


How long will gelato cake stay in my system?

This is a tricky gelato cake stay question to answer, as everyone metabolizes cannabis differently. Most people who use marijuana infrequently will notice some of its effects wear off after six hours.


 You may feel noticeably high for about 12 hours if you consume too much. After 24 hours, your body should be completely free of THC, and any trace amounts should have been wholly excreted from your system.


Is there a legal risk involved with using gelato cake?

While it's essential to understand your local laws, most states that have legalized marijuana also allow for some form of home cultivation. There is no legal risk involved with growing your own, though there are several considerations that you should take into account. 


As long as you stay within state laws and your setup isn't drawing too much attention, you'll be fantastic. When planting in your backyard, consider these things: location and care. These factors will affect how quickly you can grow gelato cake, but they'll also significantly impact its potency and taste.


Is there a medical risk associated with consuming this product?

Products like gelato cake marijuana (and other products) are popular because they don't produce a high that often comes with other forms of cannabis. While medical studies on the effects of cannabis and its products have varied over time, most current research suggests it's better than tobacco in several ways.


 The main danger of consuming gelato cake weed is that it may be contaminated by fungi or mold, which can cause serious health problems like pneumonia, aspergillosis, asthma, and others if consumed. When buying gelato weed online, make sure you buy from a seller who regularly tests their product for these contaminants before shipping. This is particularly important when shopping for buds.


Final thoughts on the gelato cake marijuana strain

  • One of today's most popular marijuana strains, gelato cake, has an elegant twist on a classic punch cake. Known for its delicious citrus aroma and exceptional balance between Sativa and Indica effects, gelato cakes are exploding in popularity across legal marijuana states. 


  • It is excellent for treating medical conditions like depression, stress, and chronic pain, but patients enjoy its delightful taste and high THC levels. Medical marijuana dispensaries offer several different variations of gelato cake strain cannabis buds; learn everything you need to know about each below!



Despite her name, Gelato is anything but sweet. Because she's a landrace Sativa cross between Hawaiian Punch and a Mexican cannabis strain called Querkle, you may find that she's pretty spicy or peppery. 


Though it takes about eight weeks for her plants to finish flowering, you can harvest them as early as four weeks after germination. When it comes time to gather your crops, expect THC levels between 18% and 25%. 


That will make you feel uplifted and euphoric—perfect for treating conditions like migraines or arthritis. And if high-THC strains aren't your thing, Gelato has plenty of CBD to help with anxiety and insomnia. She's also great for relieving chronic pain caused by inflammation or injury.



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