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Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain Is A Diverse And Potent Hybrid
12 months ago



Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain by 420 Get High is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. With 28% THC, Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted while keeping your mind clear and active. 


The aroma of Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain has a sweet, tart lemon scent with hints of cherry and vanilla; the flavor reflects these smells in an enjoyable, smooth smoke with a sweet taste and finish.



Most Commonly Reported Effects

Fruity, Uplifting, and Happy. The effects of Lemon Cherry Gelato begin with a warming sensation that spreads throughout your body from head to toe. You feel uplifted, relaxed and happy almost immediately. As your mood rises, you become more energetic and friendly.


 The cerebral effects manifest as a profound change in perception that leaves you relaxed, satisfied, and clear-headed. After some time, you’ll likely feel drowsy. 


However, even stoners sensitive to indicas will sleep less than they would with other marijuana strains of equal THC content. Lemon Cherry Gelato is so potent that it acts as an instant anti-anxiety treatment for many users without getting tired!



How To Use

  • You can smoke Lemon Cherry Gelato strain as a joint or in a bong. When smoking as a joint, you might want to consider buying rolling hemp papers, as most cigarette rolling papers have chemicals that will negatively impact your high. 


  • You can also smoke it in a glass pipe or water pipe for an added effect of coolness and filtration of smoke. This strain is highly potent and should only be used by experienced smokers.  


  • If you are new to cannabis, we suggest starting with lower doses first until you know how it makes you feel before using more. Lemon Cherry Gelato is best used during nighttime since it might cause anxiety if used during daytime use.



Appearance, Texture & Smell

As with most Sativa strains, the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain has a very appealing appearance. The buds are dense and tight, and they come in with a bright green hue and many red hairs. 


After grinding it up, there will be a very intense sour lemon smell and some cherry scent coming from your joints or vaporizer. However, you will taste only lemon grassiness when it hits your lips.



Taste, Effect & Strength

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a hybrid strain that smells strongly of sweet and sour Lemon, with undertones of cherry. Despite Lemon’s typically uplifting, happy vibe, users report that their mood is left more relaxed and tired after use. 


Patients suffering from depression and stress often find relief from Lemon’s sedative effects. Patients suffering from severe pain are likely to enjoy this strain; they say it numbs sensations without making them feel less alert or energetic.


 Growers who cultivate Lemon say it produces a THC content of between 25-28%, making it an ideal choice for growers who don’t want to wait too long before reaping the rewards.



How Long Does It Last?

Most strains of marijuana have a THC potency of 15-25%. This means it takes longer for you to feel its effects. Lemon Cherry Gelato, however, is an exception, with strength as high as 28%. Users should start feeling its effects within 15 minutes after consuming it.



Safety Precautions For Accidental Overdose

Due to Lemon Cherry Gelato’s potent effects, it is essential to keep cannabis products away from children and pets. Developments such as dizziness, paranoia, nausea, and fatigue may be intensified when using alcohol or illicit drugs


Avoid driving or operating heavy lemon cherry machinery while under the influence of Lemon Cherry Gelato. As with all strains, take care not to overindulge. 


Cannabis strains vary in THC levels—the psychoactive component causes users to feel high—and some are stronger than others. Always start with a small dose; increasing dosage will intensify effects and can potentially lead to overdose if you get too stoned!



Where To Get Marijuana Seeds Online?

Marijuana seed banks allow you to buy seeds online. These companies offer free shipping and accept various payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets. 


The best place to find a reputable marijuana seed bank is Google because each strain will have a review section that helps weed out fakes. Additionally, Marijuana Seed Banks that focus on specific strains will be more likely to produce a good quality product to maintain their reputation.



What Is Lemon Cherry Gelato?

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a type of cannabis with a diverse range of characteristics and effects. This strain is generally high in THC, making it particularly effective at relieving pain and stimulating appetite.


 Lemon Cherry Gelato’s potency is beneficial for individuals who have insomnia or other sleeping disorders. The taste profile is also unique, producing a sweet and sour experience with berry and citrus notes. 

For these reasons, Lemon Cherry Gelato has become an increasingly popular strain among many medical marijuana patients.



Antique Lemon Cherry Gelato

The nose on Lemon Cherry Gelato is powerful and pleasant. This hybrid cannabis strain gives off a unique lemon aroma with a hint of cherry, making for an enjoyable experience in smell alone. The flavor profile holds firm to its citrus character, mixing in similar nuances as found in its scent.


 The taste of Lemon Cherry is reminiscent of lemon candy and pie crust, although, at times, it also can be likened to sour fruit punch. Either way, its flavors are zesty and make for a pleasant smoking experience.


 This strain produces an immediate uplifting effect that can leave you feeling happy throughout your day. It might take lemon cherry weed up to an hour for some users before they begin to feel their mind and body awaken; however, others say they notice effects immediately after smoking or vaping Lemon Cherry Gelato.



Lemon Cherry Gelato Pink Luntz Strain

According to online sources, the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain has a THC level of 28% (the highest concentration of all their hybrids). The high is euphoric and energetic. This makes it a popular strain for those on the go but still need that little extra to get them through their day. 


Most consumers also note that it is useful in relieving physical ailments such as chronic aches and pains and appetite suppression.

 For those consumers interested in CBD levels, they appear to be relatively low - 8%. However, most users don’t mind since CBD isn’t its primary purpose. Lemon Cherry Gelato weed strain could cause paranoia or anxiety in new or inexperienced users.


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