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One Night Stand with White Gelato Cake
12 months ago


Gelato cake strain was recommended to me by friends, who described it as being good at both ends. I had to find out what that meant – and why they kept using the word cake – so I gave it a try. Here's what happened.


What to know about this strain

White Gelato Cake is an exciting cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 cannabis strain. It's an Indica dominant hybrid, with THC levels ranging from 16-20%. This is not surprising considering that both parents are exceptionally potent in THC.


One hit-off White Gelato Cakes' high-quality flowers will leave you smiling for hours. Users often experience a long-lasting high that leaves them relaxed, happy, focused, and social.


White gelato cake review

Being a hybrid cross of Wedding Cake and gelato 33, it's not surprising that it tastes like cake—dense and delicious. I don't usually crave foods I know have cannabis (probably because I don't eat many dishes or desserts containing cannabis). 


Still, after taking a few puffs on my friend's vaporizer pen, I had to try some of his white gelato cake. One breath was all it took to convince me that inebriated baking is not just a phase; when you put cannabis into baked goods, they taste amazing. There are only 24 milligrams of THC per piece—enough to get high without losing your mind or having trouble walking around.


Best White gelato cake

The first thing I noticed about white gelato cake was its smell. Its sweet solid, vanilla aroma gave me a happy and relaxed feeling. The buds were tiny. However, they had dense, sticky trichomes that made them look far more than there were.


 They smelt lovely, and there was little to no smell of skunk or weed as you would typically find on other strains. The taste is nothing short of fantastic! It has a hint of minty taste mixed with cinnamon spice, different from any further strain I've tried before.


Tips for growing white gelato cake

This strain is for indoor growers, and it's known for being extremely high-yielding. To ensure a plentiful harvest:

  1. Use organic, pure potting soil and add plenty of perlites to aid in drainage.
  2. Start your seeds indoors around two months before you plan on planting them out.
  3. Keep the soil slightly moist until they germinate and slowly adjust to their optimal conditions by watering less frequently once sprouting.

This strain loves full sunlight but not too much heat, so make sure to plant it somewhere where there are plenty of open windows or fans nearby if needed.


What are the best ways to smoke?

One of our favorite gelato cake strain ways to enjoy cannabis is through edibles. There are many ways to make marijuana edible products, some of which are very simple but still have a delicious effect on your body.


 Many people don't realize that you can make tea from weed or brownies by simply adding marijuana into a few ingredients or making hard candies and gummies from CBD oil extracts.


 It's important to note that smoking has many short-term and long-term side effects; it is much more pleasant when edibles work slower than smoking. We recommend using your healthiest judgment before deciding on how you want to ingest your medicine (for more information, visit [website]).


What is white gelato cake made from?

White gelato cake is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain tends to lean more towards a body high rather than a cerebral, often making it a preferred selection for those suffering from aches and pains. Aside from that, white gelato cake has little information available about its genetics.


Because of its strength, however, users should be careful when medicating with it and consume caution in determining dosage amounts. The effects of white gelato cake tend to come on quickly, with full-body relaxation being every day at lower doses and some mild sedation accompanied by couch-lock at higher ones. 


This combination makes her ideal for nighttime use or situations where you don't need much clarity to get things done because she can keep you calm but active enough to accomplish tasks regardless of distractions.


How does it make you feel?

This strain makes you feel like you're in a dream. You may find yourself stuck in a creative daze, dreaming grandiose plans and schemes. This can be great for some people, but it might not be if you have real-life responsibilities to worry about. If your situation permits, go ahead and let your mind wander; if not, play it safe and keep your plans light on details. 


Those with anxiety should probably steer clear of White Gelato Cake; it'll only worsen. But dive right in if you're open to new experiences and want to enjoy some time alone exploring your thoughts and feelings (it's easy to do when you're feeling so relaxed)!


How does it affect your body?

This strain is a genetic cross between Wedding Cake and a 33 strain. So, as one might expect, it gives you pain relief, relaxes you, and helps with insomnia. You can feel euphoric after using it because of its high CBD content (13%). 


However, it has a trim level of THC that won't leave you paranoid or anxious. Anxiety or depression patients will find that White Gelato is perfect for helping them relax before bedtime. It also improves focus and mental clarity if taken during daytime use.


Can I grow it myself?

Yes. While it's recommended that you grow at least two plants, if you are growing only one plant, expect a flowering time of between 8-9 weeks and yields of up to 1.5oz per plant. With a flowering time of between 8-9 weeks, you can expect an end-of-season harvest around November in...... What I need: You'll need at least two plants (for an excellent yield), but 3 or 4 is best as long as there's space.


Chocolate Opera Cake, Caramel, White Espresso Gelato

Tonight's dinner was enjoyable, to say...the least. Hungry as usual, when I opened my kitchen cabinet and saw a brand new container of white gelato that someone had given me. 


It sat on my counter for over six months now, and although it looked delicious, it seemed like a hassle to get out of its container so that I could eat it. When I opened it up tonight, I noticed an assortment of Italian cookies inside. Maybe they were dipped in some creamy frosting, or perhaps they were filled with gelato?


 What's Caramel?

Caramel is created when certain sugars are heated to extremely high temperatures and mixed with fat. When you're at a restaurant, they give you that caramel sauce that comes in little individual packets? That's not caramel—it's burned sugar dissolved in corn syrup and a little butter flavoring. It's just brown goo to make food seem fancier.


White Espresso Gelato Is!

Don't let its light minty touch on your tongue fool you; white espresso gelato is a heavy hitter! With a ratio of 1:1 for THC to CBD, you're in for a high that hits you fast and hard. Unlike other strains with sweet or bitter elements, white espresso gelato has an equal balance of sweetness and bitterness.


 While most high CBD cannabis strains are created through the cross-breeding of plants with deficient THC levels (less than 1%), making them useless as anything but medicine because they're too weak to get anyone high, white espresso gelato is so potent it makes medical marijuana obsolete.


White Label Extracts - Gelato cake

5-star product! The name is a lie... This isn't a gelato, and it certainly has no cake. However, try White Label Extracts if you're looking for a potent Indica and want a good night's sleep. Delicious flavors too. Like I said in my title, my one-night stand with white gelato cake was very exciting (and tasty).


The Gelato Cake

The crumb is creamy and stays that way as you digest it, which is essential because, as an Indica-dominant hybrid, its impact isn't very fast-acting. But once it kicks in, you'll feel friendly and relaxed but completely functional. 


Since I have a low tolerance to THC, I wasn't left feeling high or tired for hours on end like I am after eating some other strains. Instead, my mind felt clear and ready to take on another day! An 8th of Sweet Jane from LivWell retails for $25. At that price point, it's a great bargain and worth considering if you need something stress-relieving without being out-and-out sedated. ( Source )


White Gelato Cake Weed Is?

It's an Indica dominant hybrid, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 18%. It is one of the few Indica strains that can be enjoyed during the daytime. New users should avoid this strain, and its effect is often mind-numbing.


 The products will come on slowly, but you'll feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful once they do. Due to its relaxing properties, it's a perfect strain to end your day or enjoy some time alone without interruptions. This strain has soothing qualities making it excellent at treating insomnia and sleeping disorders.



The best part about marijuana edibles is that you can take your time and enjoy each experience in small bits. While we don't recommend eating cannabis for everyday use, some may find that cannabis edibles are more convenient for taking in CBD. 


We recommend using a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, or even a 2:1, depending on your preferences. You will get several hours of enjoyment without having to refill, which is good because you can have up to 12 hours of effects from an edible. 


The slow-release will also prevent uncomfortable side effects or overconsumption symptoms such as dizziness and anxiety. This recipe only calls for one cake pop, so feel free to add more if you are hosting a party!


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