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Sour Animal Strain of Marijuana
12 months ago



Sour Animal Strain of Marijuana has been all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. Rotten Animal is an exotic Sativa heavy marijuana strain from Canada that comes from two well-known strains, Animal Cookies, buy buds online, and Sour Kush. 


While not the most potent marijuana in the world, this citrusy, diesel-smelling delight packs a serious punch when consumed in moderate amounts and can even be helpful medicinally to those suffering from joint pain and migraines.

 Learn more about the potent Sour Animal strain of marijuana below.


  • What Sour Animal Looks Like

Sour Animal is a strain that looks like orange velvet coated in crystals. The tight nugs are a little stringy, making it easy to break apart into even smaller chunks. When ground up and put on top of something good to smoke from, it smells delicious – like sour fruit or a beer that has gone bad, but you're still going to want to drink it. 


I think smoking Sour Animal would be more akin to drinking alcohol than smoking cigarettes; don't expect any harsh notes because there aren't many. Smoking Sour Anim provides relief from pain and anxiety when consumed in low doses; It's perfect for mellowing out before bed or doing work around the house.


  • What Sour Animal Feels Like

After taking Sour Animal, you'll feel instantly energized and euphoric. The high is often described as cerebral, energetic, uplifting, and joyful—not overwhelming at all. However, unlike many other Sativa-dominant strains on the market today (especially those known for making users feel couch-locked), Sour Animal won't knock you out or leave you stuck in one place for hours on end. 


You can smoke a lot of it if you want to, but it won't keep you trapped like an animal. Instead, you'll remain active and enjoy doing whatever gives your life meaning—everything from cleaning your house to running errands to working on a project or going out with friends.


Where To Find Sour Animal Seeds

With a name like Sour Animal, you can bet that these bad boys will stink up your whole house. But don't let that put you off – a sweet lemony smell and an unbelievably strong high are just two of many reasons to try some out. 


A heavy-hitting Sativa heavy strain from Animal mints and Sour Kush will get you buzzing but has been known to have headaches as one of its adverse side effects.


 Luckily for us and those interested in growing it themselves, Sour Anim is a reasonably simple strain to grow with solid roots and good branching: it is often recommended as an ideal plant for beginners or amateur growers. You can find Sour Animal seeds easily online or through your local seed bank if there is one near where you live.


Who Will Enjoy Sour Animal Weed?

Sour animal weed is an excellent strain for anybody who wants to start their day with a clear head. Since Sour Animal weed is predominately Sativa, most people prefer it in social settings where they can smoke and be active without any psychoactive effects; many find Sour Animal weed an excellent alternative to caffeine.


 Thanks to its spicy and sour taste, many enjoy mixing Sour animal strains with other flowers. Overall, Sour animals are highly effective in relieving stress and managing anxiety or depression symptoms. Many people have found it helpful for pain relief; some even claim that medical marijuana has helped get them off prescription opiates.


How Long Does It Take For Sour Animal To Work?

To understand how long sour Animal will take to work, it is necessary to look at what sort of strain it is. Sour Animal, as previously stated, is a heavy-hitting Sativa heavy strain that comes from an exciting pedigree.


 Their unique qualities are what make sour Animals one of a kind. Two strains came together to create sour Animals: Animal Cookies and Sour Kush. It isn't challenging to tell by its name that it will get you high.


Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Sour Animal Weed?

If you're interested in Sour Animal weed, consider a few things before buying it. First, know that Sativa strains give you a more uplifting high. Indica strains are more likely to provide relaxation and sleepiness. 


If you want an uplifting experience, opt for a Sativa weed strain like Sour Animal; if you're looking for something mellow and relaxing after a long day at work or school, go with an Indica strain.


How Can I Grow Sour Animal Weed?

Anyone who enjoys smoking heavy Sativa strains will love Sour Anim. Sour Anim is a cross between Sour Diesel and Animal Cookies, both very popular strains. Sour Anim produces dense buds with large, light green leaves. These buds are loaded with sticky trichomes. 


The aromas are heavy and intense; notes of Diesel, sweet lemon, and rotten fruit emanate from these plants, creating an experience that's at once sour (due to its Diesel heritage) and animalistic (due to its Cookie genetics). The effects are potent but not mind-bending; users report a sense of euphoria that allows them to remain focused and productive.


Where Can I Buy Sour Animal Seeds?

We suggest shopping online if you're looking to buy marijuana seeds, especially Sour Animal seeds. Gelato Cake Strain is a potent indicated over to Amsterd animal mints Seeds for all your pot seed needs and stays up-to-date on current pricing and deals. 


When purchasing your Sour Animal seeds online, keep in mind that there are several popular types of shipping methods. Shipping prices may vary depending on which country you live in and how quickly you want your order delivered. 


If cost is a for you, it might be worth checking out an overnight express option to speed up delivery time or spend a few extra dollars for standard shipping if you don't need it immediately.


Do People Buy And Use The Seeds They Get From Super Crop Seed Bank And Gage Green Group?

For a stoner, one of their prized possessions is their stash box. A good stash box should be able to keep all your goods safe and sound. For seeds, it's kind of necessary to get them airtight and protected from humidity, light, etc.


 But before you buy that big seed bank box, let me ask you: Do people buy those seeds they get from Super Crop Seed Bank and Gage Green Group?


Animal Cookies Sour Apple

Sour is one of those words that has a million different meanings. You'll probably get at least 20 other answers if you ask ten people to define sourly. 


The best way to describe Animal Cookies Sour Apple is if Sour Patch Kids and weed had a baby; that description might seem silly, but once you smoke it, you will realize how accurate it is.


 This strain is well known for having a strong citrus taste on exhale that leads to a solid body high afterward, so be careful if you choose to blaze.


Sour Diesel X Animal Cookies

  • Sour Diesel is a heavy-hitting Sativa strain. Sour Diesel has an earthy, citrus aroma and delivers a potent, energizing high that leaves you functional and clear-headed. Diesel's genetics have been blended with Animal Cookies and Sour Kush to create a unique new hybrid strain called Sour Anim.


  •  When smoking or vaping Sour Anim, animal mints strain the first thing you notice is its pleasant sweet lemony taste, but don't be fooled by its taste, as Sour Anim quickly packs quite a punch. The diesel flavor becomes more pronounced after exhaling—and leaves your mouth feeling extremely dry.



Known for its heavy-hitting body high, Sour Anim is great for those who want to kick back and enjoy themselves. With an herbal taste, aroma, and taste, you'll be able to enjoy yourself no matter what you choose to do. 


It's a pretty popular strain that many connoisseurs are very fond of—what could be better than a little bit of sour Animal? If you have access to Sour Anim or another sour animal strain, make sure you're prepared for some good times. You won't regret it!



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