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The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates
about 1 year ago

The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates


When it comes to cannabis concentrates, you might be surprised at how many different types are on the market! From shatter to Wax to rosin, every kind of concentrate has its distinctive texture and consistency and varying concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The following are some of the most popular marijuana concentrates and what makes them unique! The best cannabis concentrates 2022.


What Are Dabs?

Concentrated cannabis is an extract that captures and preserves THC, CBD, and terpenes. In dabbing—the act of consuming concentrates—this concentrated extract is heated and inhaled using a dab rig, a vaporizer designed explicitly for taking dabs. Depending on their texture and consistency, these concentrates are separated into four distinct types: waxes, shatters, crumbles, and oils. Understanding each class and its various applications is key to knowing what to use in different situations. The Basic Types Of Cannabis Concentrates Wax: These pure sap-like resins are usually extracted from high-resin buds with butane or CO2 extraction methods.


Live Resin

Also known as Wax, live resin is a sticky mixture made with fresh cannabis. It's usually created by putting cannabis into a vacuum chamber and purging everything but THC. Live resin, which is often dabbed from a heated nail or another smoking accessory, delivers an immediate head high followed by body effects that last for hours. While some strains are famous for producing excellent live resin (such as Northern Lights), any music can be used to make it—through it may take longer than expected to create depending on how long you let it sit after you initially start pressing it.


Other Forms of Concentrates

Rosin, Wax, and more: While BHO is still what most people think of 

cannabis concentrates, new products emerge every day. Rosin, a form of concentrate produced from rosin presses—also known as hash rosin or simply rosin—has gained increasing popularity.  

Cannabis concentrate (including BHO) requires proper purging to remove excess butane before consumption, and all dabs should be thoroughly inspected before consumption to ensure there are no impurities present. 

It's time to talk about consumption methods. Read on!


Best Concentrates

The best cannabis concentrates are easy to identify, as they are purer than most and get you much higher. At their core, concentrates consist of just one thing: cannabinoids—namely THC or CBD—were extracted from marijuana or hemp plant matter through extraction. (While we'll keep things simple for now, if you want to dig deeper into exactly how these processes work, check out our previous post.) There are many different types of cannabis concentrates with varying consistencies.



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