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The Secret Origins of Apple Fritter
12 months ago


Almost any canna-connoisseur worth their salt has heard of Apple Fritter weed, but few people know about its secret origins. This strain of cannabis has been popping up in dispensaries all over the country, and the origin story has been shrouded in mystery until now. With this guide, you'll learn where to find the best Apple Fritter and how to consume it to achieve its full potential properly!


New Strains Every Month

If you're looking for a new Apple Fritter strain, there's a good chance that they have it if you check your local dispensary. While dispensaries can sometimes be limited in what strains they carry (and there are many reasons why), their goal is to bring in as many strains as possible. 


Strains are constantly being bred, and new ones enter into circulation, so the chances are excellent that your store will have a new Apple Fritter strain next month—if not before then.


 However, because dispensaries often don't disclose which Apple Fritters they have on hand or which ones they plan to order next week, it isn't always easy to find out ahead of time.


Popular Strains with Powerful Results

Apple Fritter is popular in medical marijuana circles. This strain has origins in mystery, but that doesn't stop patients from enjoying Apple Fritter's flavor and relaxing effects. While not as potent as many other strains, Apple Fritter delivers a high that allows you to enjoy an evening without getting too crazy.


 Read on for more details about Apple Fritter and its cousins...and share your favorite strains in our forum!


The legal States in 2022 

By 2022, half of all states in America will have legalized marijuana. The first state to legalize marijuana was Colorado when they introduced legislation in 2012. In 2016, Washington and Oregon had also passed laws legalizing recreational cannabis; California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine all followed shortly after. 


In 2017 alone, an incredible five states legalized recreational use - Arkansas, Florida, Montana & North Dakota. On January 1st, 2018, California ushered in a new era for weed legislation, becoming the largest market for cannabis in America.


CBD Strains Compared

Several strains of cannabis have a high CBD to THC ratio. The high associated with CBD is known for its powerful yet relaxing effects. Because of these properties, Apple Fritter tends to be a popular strain among people who suffer from chronic pain or stress. 


Since Apple Fritter is one of few strains that Lumpy's Flowers have bred, there are very few specifics on its origin story—but it's thought to have ties to both skunk and Sativa strains.


Apple Fritter Information

Apple fritters are a classic dessert. And apple fritter weed is a classic strain; however, Apple Fritter has an origin mystery. Its origins may not be as crystal clear as its smoke, but Apple Fritter has long been one of our favorites because it's effective and great tasting. 


That's why we created our version. We knew there was an opportunity to develop a laid-back yet effective high strain, so we made our apple fritter strain that provides just that. From day one, it has exceeded expectations.


Where to Buy Apple Fritter Seeds?

  • Lumpy's Flowers, a Dutch breeder, credits himself with creating Apple Fritter. You can believe him or not, but seeds are available from Crop King Seeds.


  •  The buzz associated with Apple Fritter can be pretty powerful; it tends to have a relaxing effect on users. Apple Fritter has an aroma reminiscent of apple candy and can be enjoyed by those who like weed strains with sweet flavors.


  •  Users report feeling relaxed when smoking Apple Fritter and claim that it enhances their moods and eases pain. This strain has mild THC levels that peak at 15 percent during flowering. It usually takes ten weeks for female plants to grow before being harvested, but male plants will produce pollen after two weeks.


When Can I Harvest my Apple Fritter Plants?

Apple Fritter plants can reach up to 15 feet. Apple cakes should be ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks. When you see your apple fritters begin to lighten in color, they are close to being prepared for harvest. In addition, most growers say that it is best to harvest your apple fritters when you notice their smell and taste becoming more spicy and aromatic.


 This means that their THC content has increased, which will give you a more potent high than before. Don't wait too long after noticing these signs because once harvested. Apple Fritter plants would not have time to recover their smell and taste if it wasn't harvested at their peak yet.


How Long Does it Take to Grow Apple Fritter?

The length of time it takes to grow Apple Fritter will vary depending on what conditions you provide for your plants. That said, Apple Fritter is generally classified as a strain that matures quickly. Most growers report enjoying harvests in just 7 - 8 weeks from seed. For example, some growers are reporting yields as early as week 5!


Apple Fritter Weed Strain

The Apple Fritter is a weed strain that can be very powerful yet relaxing at the same time. Lumpy's Flowers bred it with unknown origins and called it Apple Fritter for its taste and aroma. 


Fans say it will allow you to enjoy an evening without losing your cool. If you're looking for some inspiration, perhaps ask yourself why high-end chefs like Aaron Sanchez incorporate cannabis into their recipes.


 It may seem strange now, but when Sanchez first did it a few years ago, cannabis was practically nonexistent in professional kitchens. (For more on that topic, check out New York Times columnist Kate Sullivan's recent piece titled In This Weed World.) Suddenly celebrities are touting weed benefits. Gwyneth Paltrow says she smokes weed every day!


Buy 10 Best Apple Fritter Weed Strain

Apple fritter strain (alternately known as AF or AF Apple Fritter) is one of those hard-to-find strains you have to go on a quest for. Particularly in areas like Detroit, which doesn't even have dispensaries where you can buy marijuana.


 That said, apple fritter weed is highly sought after by stoners all over. It's not hard to see why - The scent and flavor are both earthy with an overwhelming hint of apples that will tickle your olfactory senses without being overwhelming.


Is Apple Fritter a sativa or an Indica?

To properly evaluate Apple Fritter, it's essential to know if it is a Sativa or an Indica. Given that Apple Fritter tends to induce feelings of sedation and relaxation, most experts would categorize Apple Fritter as an Indica-dominant hybrid.


 However, some believe that Apple Fritter contains a high concentration of Sativa genetics and, therefore, should be classified as 100% Sativa. If you're interested in exploring Apple Fritter, you may need to buy multiple strains and perform your tests. Just remember to keep your sample sizes large enough so that you can make statistically valid conclusions!



Apple fritters are a favorite snack in many areas of America. Made with apple slices and deep-fried, these tasty treats have been associated with counter-culture. Some say they were popularized at Grateful Dead concerts; others claim they originated in New York City when early settlers were too poor to afford real apples and used doughnuts instead.


 This latter tale is probably apocryphal, but it's not unusual to see apple fritters on menus during fall when fresh apples are abundant. Nowadays, Apple Fritter weed is one of our most popular strains because it's like a cake without being overly sweet or oily.



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