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What is Mendo Breath? Mendo Breath Strain Information
12 months ago

Mendo Breath is one of the most popular types of cannabis in California that has been developed by crossing OGKB with Mendo Montage. This strain produces an uplifting and positive effect that can relieve pain and stress in the body. 


It's best to smoke this strain during the daytime since it can help you perform your daily activities without Mendo Breath feeling any pain or discomfort in your body due to the psychoactive effect it has on you.


What is Mendo Breath?

You've probably heard of a couple of different Mendocino-based marijuana strains. But have you ever heard of one that can help treat insomnia? Have you tried it yet yourself?


 Read on to learn about Monda Breath. What is it: Monda Breath—or purple mendo breath as some call it—is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa) created through a cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage. 


Created by Sensi Seeds in 2009, Monda Breath produces big buds with dark purple colors that give off a sweet smell comparable to maple syrup or syrupy grape juice with undertones.


About Mendo Breath

Marijuana strain Mendo Breath has been developed from OGKB (Original Gangster Kush) with Mendo Montage. This Indica-dominant marijuana strain produces a high with powerful body effects that help relieve pain and stress. 


The hybrid also induces happiness, euphoria, alertness, and a strong case of munchies in users. Purple mendo breath's buds are dense, with fiery orange hairs covered in resin crystals. The sweet-smelling smoke provides a smooth taste of vanilla and caramel when exhaled.


 This marijuana strain can be attractive to smoke during the day due to its classic Indica effects that are gentle enough for users without tolerance for medical conditions such as chronic stress or joint pains.


About This Hybrid Strain

This strain has been referred to as purple Mendo breath because of its ability to change colors throughout growth. The leaves are generally purplish when growing but become dark green with hints of purple when cured.


 A tropical blend of aromas emits from the plant, including grapefruit, lemon, and bubblegum flavors that may be present in both taste and smell. The effects have been known to have a strong focus on body relaxation while also providing deep mental stimulation.


 Who makes it great for treating stress-related disorders such as depression or anxiety. The solid relaxing effects also make it perfect for pain relief as well. Some patients use it to treat migraines or even nausea related to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.


Mendo Breath Strain, Cannabis Strain, and Symptoms 

Many people might have heard about a marijuana strain called Purple Mendo Breath. This strain has been around for years but never gained popularity for unknown reasons.


 Nowadays, however, many people are beginning to enjoy this excellent Indica variety of marijuana simply because it has some unique characteristics that you will find interesting. 


It is also a bud with low THC levels, like other popular strains available today, such as White Widow and Purple Urkle. Which stands for Cannabidiol which not only helps with relaxation but can also act as an analgesic while at the same time fighting against neurodegenerative disorders.


Mendo Breath is an Indica Dominant Hybrid

The strain name might give you a clue about what strain type it is. First of all, it's named after two strains: OGKB (Ogre Kush x Kookie Bar) and MM (Mendo Montage). OGKB has helped influence many of today's popular strains.


 It's an excellent example of how breeding can lead to potentially more powerful plants that are much easier to grow than their forefathers. Some speculate that Mendo Breath leans more towards indicas but tends to create an effect that feels like an 80/20 hybrid.


Effects -

Mendo Breath has a high THC content (18% to 23%) which provides a euphoric feeling. It may cause anxiety or paranoia at times, so it's best to avoid operating machinery after smoking.


 Dry mouth can be combated by drinking plenty of water but don't overdo it because that could make you feel dizzy. The last thing Mendo Breath you want to do is fall while stoned!


This strain helps relieve pain, so it's suitable for people with backaches or those who suffer from migraines. People who want to gain weight also like smoking Mendo Breath because of its slang effect.


Chemistry -

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration in the Mendo Breath strain tops out at 16.3 percent. Cannabidiol (CBD) levels are higher, making up about one percent of each strain.


 THC works to relieve pain and reduce stress for patients with anxiety disorders. CBD reduces inflammation that causes pain in some people, even if they do not have anxiety issues. Some people use cannabis to treat problems with sleeping when those issues are associated with physical ailments like chronic pain or panic attacks brought on by PTSD symptoms.


 More research is needed on how effective cannabis might be for conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia because there aren't enough studies available to make a solid determination.


Taste -

The sweetness that lingers on your palate. It's almost like a candied berry taste with some citrusy undertones. Like most OG strains I have tried, there are solid pink undertones. There is a slight burnt/grassy taste at first, but that goes away after a couple of minutes of use.


 It's a very smooth strain to smoke, but it will make you feel heavy if you overdo it on consumption. The high lasts for an hour or two, making it perfect for those suffering from chronic pain or headaches (I have personally used it in these situations). You can feel yourself sink into your couch when smoking for medicinal reasons instead of just getting stoned.


Appearance -

The buds are brown, dense, and covered in trichomes. They are a bit leafy, but that's pretty common with indicas of good quality. The nugs look like they have a sugar frosting because of all those trichomes. It's not sticky, though; it just feels silky to touch.


 The leaves are green but dark enough to don't stand out too much against all that orange. And there is a Mendo Breath nice amount of orange color in these buds, making them even more pleasant looking. A natural mood booster!


Growing Tips -

If you're trying to grow your own Mendo Breath strain of marijuana, there are a few things you'll need to know. The first will be finding seeds that are right for your needs. As with any cannabis strain, there will be a range of quality seed options.


 Make sure you find ones from reputable sellers if at all possible. It would help if you are looking for firm and oily seeds to the touch; a cracked or dried-out basis is most likely dead.


Where Can I Get The Seeds To Grow My Plant?

Sometimes, you might have access to a dispensary that sells Mendo Breath. Other times, it's only available in seed form. If that's your situation, you need to find another place to buy cannabis seeds. There are plenty of Mendo Breath places online where you can buy them (with little legal risk). 


You can also get seeds through an organic grower or a cannabis activist. There's always one last option: Don't worry about it! You don't need to Grow your hands on some seeds if all you're looking for is a heady high with intense body sensations — although growing your strain won't be possible with just indicas alone.



We recommend trying the new Mendo Breath strain when you start a new business or your marijuana dispensary. It will provide you with Mendo Breath a perfect body high and make you want to relax on your couch all day. The OGKB also is available soon at our local shop. Please visit our website at (removed). We will be happy to deliver it to your home in no time.



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